OPENING: New all-day spot for coffee and bites in the heart of the city!

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It is one of the most popular spots in the city for a quick lunch, for bites to ease your munchies though out the day, for meetings with friends over coffee or other refreshing drinks, for relaxing moments or even for studying and working. This favorite spot, with a hint of a French café, is now opening a new, cozy corner at the most vibrant square in Limassol, with the impressive, restored building of the Municipal Market on the background. 

The new La Croiissanterie store chose Saripolou Square to create a welcoming corner, with retro vibes, that brings the vibes of a French brasserie closer to the everyday routine of the city center, following the historical traces of the old town, which are still visible on the stone built walls of this area.

The menu is just as rich and diverse as in any store of the franchise, with affordable prices, so that this place can be a daily option for the people moving around the city center, either working people or students. With the shop opening from early on in the morning until late at night, La Croissanterie becomes an option for any time of the day, always offering from savory snacks and sweet temptations, to healthy option.

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