OPENING: Limassol's nightlife has been enriched with an interesting addition!

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Limassol’s nightlife has been enriched with a new, interesting addition these past few days. A venue with interesting and modern design, has become a new option for evenings with loud music, from late at night until the hours after midnight.

Status Lounge Bar has been very attentive with its impressive image, as well as the high quality of service to its guests, in order to make an impression. The spacious lounge in the club has 8 different island bars, for the guests to be able to enjoy their drinks, while having enough room to move around, when the beats get stronger.

This new venue aims to bring back in the city’s nightlife the option of having fun in a place that engages the entire range of people’s favorite music genres to have a good time with. Thus, from late at night until after midnight, the guests of Status Lounge Club will be able to enjoy all of their favorite dance hits, both from the years past, as well as the latest charts.

Address: 76, Archiepiskopou Makariou III Avenue
Contact number: 99 853 040