OPENING: International food brand arrives in Limassol with 5 new stores!

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It is a large bakery franchise, which has spread all over Europe with more than 8000 stores. The internationally known brand arrived in Cyprus, with its first 5 stores located in Limassol, providing an interesting range of tasty products.

The Fornetti bakeries (the word means a small oven in Italian) has left its mark with its compact stores, which are quite different from the bakeries we are used to in Cyprus. Being an easy stop on the way to work, to home or even on a trip, these 5 Fornetti stores, all over Limassol, are designed to provide any time their delicious, freshly baked snacks.

Fluffy and tasty bread, amazing sweet pastry with chocolate and cream or dried fruits, with regular pastry or whole grain, amazing savory bites, with a special hot dog and pizza slices, in a full portion or a mini bite, they just a few of the items that make up for the Fornetti products range. The company started operating back in 1997, in a small city in Hungary, as a family business, it spread all over the country and then it conquered its nearby countries.

In Limassol, there are already 2 stores open (at 37, Makarios Avenue in Mesa Yitonia and at Akrotiri village), while there are still the stores in 55, Ayias Fylaxeos, 236, Leontiou and 74D Mishaouli & Kavazoglou Streets coming up.