OPENING: Famous Italian fashion brand for everyone arrives in Limassol!

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A large clothing and fashion items chain, with stores in some of the world's largest cities, is preparing to welcome the public in Limassol. Piazza Italia opens its third store in Cyprus and chooses Limassol in order to expand its activities.

With spring mood and wonderful stylistic suggestions for all the hours of the day, the brand that combines refined taste, modern lines and budget shopping, is one of the most anticipated arrivals in the city. With the enthusiastic crowd that follows it these past few years, Piazza Italia is to propose to the people of Limassol outfit solutions for the whole family.

Thus, the Italian elegance becomes the identifier for men, women and children without leaving any wallets empty. The fact that clothing is found in the same area with a wide selection of bags, shoes and other accessories, becomes a total solution to the problem of choosing an everyday outfit. The store is located in Kolonakiou Street, near the Carrefour supermarket, of which the parking lot can be used by the store's customers for free. The store is expected to open on April 8th 2017.

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