OPENING: An impressive entry by the new beach bar in Limassol for 2018!

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It came to enrich the summer image of Limassol with colors, flavors and melodies and it managed to become quite an impressive entry in the city’s life, even with its very first party of the season. “Wanax” Mediterranean Tapas Bar, just a few days after the beginning of its operation, proves to be an ideal destination for relaxing days and nights of entertainment.

The new beach bar at Agios Tychon generated people’s enthusiasm from the very first moment, making a most auspicious and promising beginning. With the official opening party hosting around 120 guests on June 1st 2018, it managed to leave its mark. Elegant and tasteful, with cozy seats and an idyllic environment, by the Limassol sea, Wanax offers an interesting menu with tapas and delicious cocktails, along with fitting music choices.

Opening at 9 am, for those who seek out a breezy corner by the sea, under the trees on the beach in front of Poseidonia Hotel, the beach bar is transformed at 7 pm until after midnight, into a lounge venue, with special lighting and ethnic references, perfect for drinks and bites. The images from the opening evening are definitely an invitation for beautiful summer night on the beach.

Contact number: 25 321 000

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