OPENING: An ethereal café, in a magical spot in Limassol!

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In the heart of a garden that feels straight out of a fairy tale, just a few minutes east of the city of Limassol, an ethereal, open air lounge bar has opened its doors. Full of colors, and surrounded by the scents of dozens of flowers and herbs, this place is a natural extension of what is probably the most unique accommodation option in Cyprus.

Euphoria Land, a very original accommodation complex reminiscent of the amazing creations by architect Gaudi in Barcelona, has now created its own lounge area. In the middle of this colorful, small village, and next to a magical garden with a swan lake, the lounge café – bar is an idead destination for coffee, drinks and reverie, from 5 pm to 11 pm.

The colorful couches and bean bags, featuring pillows and fabrics with ethnic patterns, create a cozy environment for anyone to relax in, in a location that feels like a parallel dimension in which to escape daily routine. The venue is also avaialble for private events.

Check out more information about Euphoria Art Land here.

Contact number: 97 743 042