OPENING: A traditional coffee shop in Limassol brings memories from the past!

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Tradition has it that coffee shops are the meeting place during all the hours of the day, where friends can hang out, share their news, relax, listen or play favorite songs and enjoy flavors full of nostalgic memories. This tradition is now revived at the Limassol old town.

A coffee shop that brings something from the old times, has opened its doors in the heart of the city, making coffee in the sand, in a traditional coffee pot, and serving it along with homemade sweets. In a beautiful and familiar environment, the traditional coffee shop “Panta Mazi” (Always together) keeps all the good things from the past brings them into the present to become part of our daily routine, for little “escapes” into idyllic times.

The coffee shop is open until late at night, offering cold beers, tsipouro, zivania and scented wine with honey, made with a unique home recipe. The music in the place is chosen accordingly to the environment and the menu, with Greek music choices and rebetika in particular, while the guitars hanging on the walls, await for anyone to unhung them and use them at any time to bring together beautiful musical companies.

Address: 46, Ellados street (former “Maksilari” café bar)
Contact number: 25 109 081

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