Oinou Strata (Vouni village)

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Elegance, warm hospitality and tradition, meet comfort and luxury in an accommodation that revolves around the aromas and flavors of wine.

In Vouni, one of the most beautiful wine villages in the district of Limassol, Oinou Strata has been designed wishing to offer its visitors ultimate tranquility.

It offers 3 luxury suites with unique comforts, a vintage aesthetic that combines elements of folk tradition, as well as the medieval heritage of the area. The rooms are named after the fine types of Shiraz, Merlot and Champagne wines.

The Gin & Wine Bar that operates there, offers fine cocktails based on different types of Gin, as well as a rich wine cellar that will certainly satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Address: Ellados 5, Vouni village
Contact number: 25 944244