OPENING: A place that brought burgers, gyros and sushi together in Limassol!

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You must have been, at least once, part of this group of friends that, when it was time to eat, would never decide on the place, since one might have preferred a burger, the other would go for gyros, another would go for Chinese and another for sushi. This new dining spot in Limassol, is probably the way to avoid conflict between friends.

Bringing side by side completely different cuisines, it has created a menu that has almost everything: souvlaki, gyros, burger, Chinese and sushi. Signed by “Gyros tou kosmou”, for grilled meats and gyros, and “Xie – Xie” for Asian cuisine, this place is the way for incompatible culinary preferences to coexist in harmony, while the indecisive ones can count on the menu to help them decide.

Either as a proper portion or as a sandwich, either as a take away pack on the go, or served in the place, no matter what you choose will be just as fulfilling and affordable. Opening this second shop in Limassol, Food Place has created at Makarios Avenue a spacious and modern area, both inside and outside, with sofas and wooden tables, to enjoy your meal there. Otherwise, delivery is available, with online ordering options, too.

Contact number: 77 77 8190