OPENING: A new, tasteful place has just come up in a forgotten arcade in Limassol!

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Laziness is considered a flaw, but if you enjoy it in moderation, it may even be considered a right. A new, tasteful place in Limassol has come to be an ideal way out for those who claim their right to laying back, as an interval in the city’s fast-paced life.

“Tembelis” (Lazy) coffee shop, is a brand new addition that reminds something of the old image of Heroes Square, where it chose to open its doors. In an arcade, just until recently dark and forgotten, east to Rialto Theater, this new spot combines modern elements, with a traditional menu, as well as vintage decorations indoors.

So, either you choose to stay outdoors, as the weather keeps getting better, or you decide to sit inside, by the wood stove on cold days, you know that you are surrounded by a familiar and cozy atmosphere, in which you can have a taste of authentic, Cypriot hospitality. The menu keeps beautiful surprises, too, with pastry dipped in must and aromatic cinnamon juice.

Live music evening compliment the traditional setting regularly.

Address: Andreas Droushiotis Street, Heroes Square (at the arcade next to Art Studio 55)