OPENING: A new, special restaurant in Limassol is making an impression!

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When a typical tavern evolves and grows into a whole new restaurant, it may hold pleasant surprises, as long as the owner has both knowledge and love for the job, as well as good taste. So, this family tavern in Pissouri, became a modern and impressive restaurant with a menu that focuses in grilled meat, while including unique dishes, especially made for this.

This menu brings flavors for any taste, in selected dishes, with carefully designed recipes, with taste combinations that are both familiar and unexpected. Those who decide to have a taste of the grilled meat, either a fillet, a rib eye or a burger, have the best to say about their experience with the taste dishes and the juicy meat, that are cooked on the spot. Those who prefer dishes with salmon, pasta or salads, just as imaginative as the meats, with selected ingredients, all fresh from the garden in the village, are equally pleased.

For Michael, who envisioned a venue that would stand out both for its cuisine and its hospitality standards, is important that dining becomes an overall experience. Thus, the venue is arranged in a way that allows comfort and relaxing visits, along with visual pleasure, just as much as the the culinary delight. At the terrace, there is a welcoming bar, for drinks before or after dining, or as a solution for smokers.

Even just its starters are a whole experience on their own, since they are designed to combine traditional flavors with modern cooking techniques. The famous halloumi of Pissouri village is served with tomato marmalade and it is an absolute trend for anyone who visits, while the beginning of a meal is also accompanied by a complimentary glass of champagne.

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Address: 3,  October 28th, Pissouri
Contact number: 99 185 717