OPENING: A new restaurant in Limassol has set out to make you fall in love with food!

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A hangout overlooking the sea, featuring the delicious aroma of homemade food. This welcoming spot offers us a myriad of reasons to reignite our true love for food: it brings people closer together, it awakens emotions and memories, and it’s a way to look after those who sample each dish. This was the central idea behind Hommie, and it is the very reason it has so quickly gained the peoples’ approval.

The menu is made up of a medley of Mediterranean flavors, featuring beloved dishes from Greek and Cypriot cuisine, with flourishes from northern Europe, where the two chefs of Hommie worked for some time. Their aim was to dispel any notions of standardized food, and instead create meals that offer the warmth of mom’s home cooked meals.

Fresh fish and seafood (whatever is in the daily fisherman’s delivery) are deliciously grilled on hot coals. Meat is also an important part of the menu, with the marinated pork chops a standout option, and the homemade ‘shieftalia’ another crowd favorite. For those seeking alternative flavors, the superfood salad with pureed beetroot and quinoa, and the baked potato with herbs are both interesting options.

Besides the local, fresh ingredients, the house wine in barrels also contributes to the homey atmosphere of this venue.

Address: 131 Vasileos Georgiou A’Διεύθυνση (Germasogeia)
Contact number: 96 025999