OPENING: A new relaxing option, in one of Limassol's busiest areas!

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An instant getaway from the fury of a busy day, a chance to have a pleasant meeting and a talk, the way to have a snack or a quick meal before you keep on with your routine. No matter what the reason is, you know that at Kolonakiou street area, you can find an option that suits such occasions in the day.

In one of the busiest, commercial streets of the city, this place becomes a new, delightful addition for any time of the day. One of the new La Croissanterie spots in Limassol has opened on this corner, as an option for those looking for a place to pause their busy.

The spacious lounge allows its guest to enjoy at ease their beverages, snacks or desserts, in an environment decorated with references to the culture of coffee, while the little ones have their own special corner in the place.

Address: 19, Kolonakiou Street (opposite Cyta shop)