OPENING: A new option for dining with music, at the heart of the old town!

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Flavors from the favorite cuisines of the Mediterranean are now part of the menu of a new venue that aims to combine culinary delight with beautiful, musical evenings. It is yet another interesting spot coming up to be part of the change that Saripolou Square is going through.

The Kitchen is a new addition to the options Limassol has, suggesting favorite recipes from the Greek, Italian and Lebanese cuisine, as well as healthy dishes, suitable for vegetarians or those who avoid gluten. This place combines modern and retro looks, live music entertainment and favorite flavors, in an environment that consists a whole-round entertainment proposal.

The Kitchen comes to take the place of a former night club, presenting to the people a cozy atmosphere in an area with attention to detail, to choose when going out. Thus, Saripolou Square has a new entertainment destination that brings together music and modern cuisine, emphasizing on organic and quality ingredients.

Find out more about the opening here.

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