OPENING: A new international franchise opens its largest shop in Limassol!

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A new place comes to shake things up in the Limassol city center. An international coffee brand, with dozens of stores in the world, chose Limassol and this 2-storey venue to make a promising beginning on the island.

This new café in the city has chosen one of the most central locations, with a view to a rather small, but evergreen park. The tall trees, spreading their shade and colors around, are a prefect pair for the vibes of this new spot, where natural wood is the main material for furniture and decorations, along with the vibrant colors of the art pieces on the walls. After all, the harmony and tranquillity of nature, is part of the philosophy and the experience Tucano Coffee represents.

With a particular attention in providing good coffee, the team that has created the company, selects fine green coffee beans from countries in Africa and South America, to create its own aromatic brand. Thus, you get to taste their unique recipes with different options for coffee drinks, such as the cold brew with soda, or the hot coffee with cannabis protein.

The menu also includes deserts (such as muffins and cheesecake), as well as tasty options for vegetarians.

Address: 5, Agias Zonis Street (opposite Mario's snacks)
Contact number: 99 996 866