OPENING: A new, interesting place awaits at the Limassol city center!

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After travelling around the world and collecting beautiful ideas and images, this couple from Limassol came back to its place to turn into reality some of the plans they kept in their mind for some time now. One of these was the creation of a special place, in the heart of the historical city center.

In a stone-built, restored building at the picturesque Irene’s Street, where the heart of the city has been beating for over 1 century now, a spacious and bright spot has opened its doors a few days ago. With beautiful, wooden furniture, welcoming tables, chairs and armchairs, this spot is full of the smell of coffee and books.

This is how a place for relaxing, destined for book lovers and more, came up in the Limassol city. Having a long experience in coffee, being in the trade for years, the 2 owners of Erifili’s BookCafe made sure to bring some aromatic varieties of organic coffee in their shop, for people to enjoy while reading a large range of books from the shelves. This place, ideal for meeting with people, hosts interesting seminars, too.

Address: 80, Irene’s Street
Contact number: 70 000013