OPENING: A new destination in Limassol with an interesting menu and a large courtyard!

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A new space with a large courtyard was created within a restored stone building in Limassol, with the aim of becoming an option for healthy lunchtime meals as well as unique dinner selections to accompany evening drinks.

PHD Urban Salad Bar combines retro elements in its décor and building design with modern flavor option on its menu. Above all, it has carefully created a relaxing environment for all hours of the day, with space indoors and outside on the garden terrace.

The menu’s main feature is a prevalence of locally sourced ingredients. Because of this, all dishes are seasonal, utilizing all that is fresh and in abundance at the time. Meals are complemented by a rich cava, offering wines and alcoholic drinks.

Address: 66 Vakchilidou, Mesa Geitonia
Contact number: 70077777