OPENING: A new, beautiful space in a classic building at the Limassol city center!

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The traditionally commercial Aneksartisias Street, has become a bit more interesting, with new spots opening in the area these past few years. One of the many restored, classic buildings of this historical, at a small distance from the seafront road, a store has come to showcase a different side of this area.

The showroom of a well-known furniture company, which has come back to Limassol, after a long-term absence, is now established at the city center, adding to the options of those you are accustomed of going for shopping in this area. El Greco Furniture has opened this showroom since a few weeks now, in order to create an exclusive area for Cassina line of furniture.

Is is a line of modern furniture, with impressive design and color combinations, who offer a sense of simple, modern luxury. The large window of this classic building, in which the furniture are shown, creates an interesting contrast between new and old, which eventually brings up both the content of the store and the space itself. Thus, this new showroom has become one of the most unique images to look at, when walking around in this area.

Address: 5, Aneksartisias Street