OPENING: A new arrival in Limassol for amazing, retro parties!

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It is called Discoland and it is about to become a new favorite destination for retro themed parties in Limassol. With design and furniture inspired by an American diner from back in the 1950s – 60s, with obvious rock ‘n’ roll influences, this venue creates a completely different setting for having fun in the city.

The venue is located at the mid-floor of the Galactica Entertainment in Limassol and it was designed in order to become an alternative for those who want to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions, no matter their age. The decor with vibrant colors, with furniture exclusively imported from abroad for this purpose, sets up an environment fitting for children, teenagers or even some older "children".

The room can host up to 80 people, providing cozy sitting, a variety of music selections (themed, retro or others), impressive lights that follow the rhythm of the music, bringing the disco feeling in it, and options for karaoke and move games on a large screen. For better scheduling and availability,one should make a reservation around 1 week in advance.

Find out more information about Galactica here.

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