OPENING: A multi-awarded restaurant with Italian cuisine arrived in Limassol!

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All the artistry and the flavour of authentic, Italian pizza, is introduced in Limassol through a new place, at Enaerios area. The franchise that has been awarded for the best pizza in Greece, arrived in Cyprus with its first shop opening in our city.

A cozy and modern dining room, decorated with colors related to the Mediterranean origins of its kitchen, is now becoming the new destination for anyone to enjoy delicious, Italian style pizza. The homemade dough, with special flour from Italy, the special tomato sauce made according an Italian recipe, the genuine herbs and spices and the all-fresh ingredients used in the kitchen, became the reason for the menu in Margherita Pizza Artigianale to stand out.

A large wood-oven bakes its pizza in a moment, while the kitchen makes fresh pasta on a daily basis, with imaginative sauces and taste combinations. As for the pizza, the menu comes along to prove that fast and easy dining can be a true surprise, adopting elements of high cuisine and combining cheese and charcuterie from across the Mediterranean (and beyond), as well as selected materials, such as mustard cream with seeds, black truffle cream, Irish salmon, avocado, Italian prosciutto and genuine mozzarella.

Address: 241, Makarios Avenue (Enaerios)
Contact number: 77 777740