OPENING: A large, international brand has created an amazing new venue in Limassol!

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The well-known, international coffee brand, Starbucks, has chosen a spot with a view of the Limassol sea for the location of the first Brew Bar in Cyprus. It is a place with a unique atmosphere and menu, offering new flavors to true coffee lovers, thanks to its special brewing methods.

At the Brew Bar, which is located in the Enaerios area, one can taste the exclusive Nitro Cold Brew, as well as coffee made with alternative extraction methods. Nitro Cold Brew is served chilled straight from a stopcock and it consists of a nitrogen-containing coffee compound, which gives the coffee a milder taste, and a velvety and creamy feel.

At the same time, the new Brew Bar offers alternative extraction methods, including Coffee Press, Pour Over (extraction through a paper filter) and Chemex (extraction through a microfilter). The new space also stands out thanks to its modern design, the stunning wooden bar, cozy armchairs, leather seats and wooden armchairs located on its beautiful terrace.

The new Starbucks is open daily from 8:00 am until midnight and from Friday through Sunday until 00:30 am.