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OPENING: A Giant in Limassol wants to teach you how to eat gyros in a club sandwich!

A Greek grill in the city is teasing everyone around with its alluring perfumes for a few weeks now. Gyros Gigantas (Giant), at Apostolou Varnava Street, prepares for you the famous, delicious Greek gyros with chicken, pork and beef, but it serves it with a special twist.

Leaving aside the typical “packing”, with the pita bread wrapped around the meat and the rest of the ingredients, Gigantas suggests a totally fulfilling dish with 2 pies, under and over, and gyros in the middle. Through this method, the classic gyros delight gets a modern look, in the example of the famous club sandwich. You can choose chicken or pork, as well as the rest of the ingredients you would prefer.

In Gigantas menu you will also find the delicious souvlaki, pork and chicken, along with juicy steaks. The shop, small indeed, still hosts some welcoming tables for a quick bite on the go, but covers everyone else through its delivery services. The shop is located close to Makariou Avenue, just a few minutes from Ayios Ioannis fire station, and at 25 003 910.

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