OPENING: A favorite spot for souvlaki just arrived near the Limassol sea!

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The Old Port area is being enriched with even more dining options, with some very quaint flavors, loved by everyone. Counting just a few years in the city, this place has managed to become identified with good, Greek souvlaki in Limassol.

Souvlaki Livadias, practicing the Greek art of the grill, did not take too long before it was trending in the city, which led to the opening of a second shop soon after the first one and to a third one that has just opened, just a few steps from Limassol’s seafront. This new spot is located at the walkway leading from the Castle Square to the seaside road, to become a new favorite stop for those who enjoy the artistry and the flavors of this traditional, Greek souvlaki.

From early on in the day until late at night, this Greek souvlaki place consists a great options for a quick bite on the go, or even a casual dining option at its cozy table. Both the tables outside the place and the inside area, decorated with retro elements from the ‘50s and ‘60s, with shades of blue and white being an identifier of the Greek culture in the place, are an extra reason for anyone to enjoy the beautiful days and nights of the city, just a breath away from the sea.

Address: 10, Demetriou Mitropoulou street (opposite the Citizen’s Service Office, Old Port)
Contact number: 25 331 339