OPENING: A beautiful new tavern in Limassol is a pleasant surprise!

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You never know what new might come up to surprise you pleasantly, when you do not even expect it. Such a small surprise is the new, beautiful tavern with a genuine Cypriot air, just a few minutes from Limassol.

Having the traditional, Greek "Cheers!"(stin iyia mas) as a trademark, it comes across from the first moment as a tavern with true, Cypriot hospitality, familiar atmosphere, favorite traditional flavors and an environment warm and cozy, to make you feel like home. The traditional building at the center of Asgata village, east to Limassol, which operated for years as a coffee shop and meeting place, has been upgraded thanks to the efforts of 2 young men, who turned into a favorite destination for dining.

The new arrival at Asgata village becomes an excellent opportunity for a trip to the traditions of the place, through dishes that will remind you mom's or grandma's kitchen, and stand out for their freshness and flavors. At the same time you have a good excuse to explore the beautiful village and the old railway from the mines era in Asgata.

Children can have fun on their own at a special area, purposed exclusively for them, while everyone can have the time of their life with live music, that complements the Friday and Saturday evenings.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should make a reservation at 99 877 772.