OPENING: A beautiful corner at the paved alleys of Limassol, is ready to receive you!

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It is indeed the most picturesque neighborhood in Limassol, but it is still unknown to many. To get to know it, you should walk around the entire area, from the medieval castle, to Irene’s street, with its unique charms. The new arrival in the city is without any doubt an ideal opportunity for a walk like that.

It is called Dieksodos (getaway) café and it really is what its name indicates – even if it is actually located at a dead end. A beautiful, restored building, with the typical color of ochre on its walls and the blue, wooden shutters on an ideal contrast, is the place for coffee and nibbling, in the heart of the Limassol historical center.

The yard is definitely one of its greatest advantages, with beautifully done, wooden seats, with metal details for decoration and the leaves of the large tree in the middle, spreading almost over the entire open area. Thus, those who enjoy the quiet moments in the city’s alleys and the retro atmosphere of this venue, will be able to combine it with good, aromatic coffee, fresh juices, sweets, ice creams and light snacks, from early in the morning, until late at night.

Dieksodos café is located at Costa Charaki street, behind the church of Panagia Katholiki, at the city center (see the map at the top of the article). 

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