One of the oldest colored photos in Cyprus, is from Limassol!

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Social Life

One of the first colored photographs we have from the beginning of the 20th century, is the picture of a most idyllic location in the Limassol countryside. It is quite possibly the first colored image from Limassol in the previous century.

In the picture we can see a couple, which seems to be rather wealthy, based on their outfits, enjoying the romantic surroundings of the location, probably during some excursion in the area. As one can see on the picture itself, the stone built, medieval bridge shown in the photo is at Pelendri village.

According to the Community Council, this is a bridge located north to the community, approximately in the middle of the distance towards Amiandos village, on the foothills of Troodos mountains. Now days, the bridge is unfortunately in a rather bad condition, unlikely to the second bridge southern to the village, which has been included among the 23 medieval bridges in Cyprus that are now under the protection of the department of antiquities, in order to be declared ancient monuments.

Limassol has a total of 16 of the 23 medieval bridges that have officially become part of our cultural heritage.

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