One of the last remnants of another era on the Limassol seafront!

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Social Life

From the start of the 20th century to the present day, on the corner of the seafront road which borders with the Limassol Municipal Gardens, there has stood an impressive home with a large, lush green garden. This is the residence of Dr. Pavlides, and it is one of the few surviving buildings from that era on the seafront road.

The building was designed by an English architect, and features austere, symmetrical lines and neoclassical elements (the columns that are reminiscent of Ancient Greek motifs remain to this day). The overall façade of the home has been preserved intact over the decades, as is evidenced by comparison of a photograph of the building from 1930, obtained by historian Titos Kolotas, and modern-day images.

This was the aim, after all, of the family of owners, who undertook its maintenance. The exterior of the building has been well taken care of, to protect it against the passage of time.

The mansion, as it has been maintained in modern times. Photo: Constantinos Neophytou

In 2019, overall restoration works began to take place, as the building had been left uninhabited for some time. The aim is to make it operational once more, and to highlight it as a monument of a bygone era, and yet another jewel on the Limassol coastal front.

The black and white photograph depicts members of the Pavlides family, seated on the beach directly in front of the house.

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