Omodos Village Houses

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A “family” of beautiful and cozy houses such as these, is reason enough for anyone to feel like they have their own country house waiting for them, even if they do not own the key. Being an organic part of Kato Yitonia in Omodos village since forever, these houses have now turned into an ideal option for anyone to experience the unique feel of this picturesque and historical village.

Omodos Village Houses “family” includes 4 different, country houses, which can host up to 4 people. They are old, traditional, village house, which have been restored in 2015 to provide modern amenities to its guest, while preserving their traditional architecture, with the typical, stone-built walls.

Thus, the one choosing to spend their holidays in these, enjoy access to Wi – Fi, to a fully equipped kitchen, as well as to bedsheets and towels even, as it would be if they were in their own, private country houses. In 2 of these, Pantelis House and Icavos House, guests have access to a large, private yard, while Olga’s House features a large terrace, perfect for enjoying the sun.

Address: Mitropolitou Pafou Fotiou
Contact number: 99 749 065