Omodos Square

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With a surface area of 3000 sq. meters, Omodos Square is perhaps the largest, stone-paved square in Cyprus. Constructed in 1910, this beautiful square in Omodos village is one of the oldest and most picturesque of the island.

It is located in the area where visitors to Omodos once used to gather for the festivities of the monastery on the celebration of the Holy Cross on September 14th. Due to the large number of visitors, a wide area became vital, so that traders could also have space to exhibit their merchandise for visitors. Thus, the beautiful, traditional homes of the village were built in a neat row, covering a large distance in front of the monastery, and resulting in the formation of the square which everyone sees upon arriving in the village.

The unique stone paving was covered with black asphalt in 1968, altering the image of the square and making it seem foreign in relation to the traditional character of the village. Its original image was restored approximately 20 years later. After that, a small amphitheater was constructed at the square’s highest point, while coffee shops and restaurant across its length make it a popular destination for drinks and dining.

The proud sycamore trees along the length of the square allow you to experience the special feel of each season in the village.