Omodos Village

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Omodos, one of Limassol’s largest wine villages, is located 42 kilometers northwest of the city. It is surrounded by tall mountain peaks, the tallest of which is known as ‘Afamis’ (1153 meters), followed by ‘Kremmos tis Laonas’ (1092 meters).


The village is likely to have been founded at the end of the Byzantine period. Following the dissolution of the Koupetra settlement, a new settlement was created around the original monastery of the Holy Cross, taking on the name of Omodos. 

The Square

The large square of the village is one of the oldest and most picturesque of the island. It is perhaps the largest in Cyprus, with an area of 3000 sq. meters, and dates back to 1910. Stone-paved, it is surrounded by beautiful, traditional homes, framed by tall, sycamore trees, making it ideal for walks, shopping and dining, all year round.

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The village houses, attract a great deal of interest due to their traditional architecture. The main elements are the tiled roofs, picturesque awnings, paved interior courtyards decked with large clay pots, wooden doors, and the stone and wood balconies, all of which come together to create a living museum of tradition.

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The medieval grape press, known as linos, is housed in a narrow, stone-built room, showcasing the centuries-old tradition in wine production of the village.

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Timios Stavros Monastery

According to tradition, the Monastery was established before St. Helen’s arrival in Cyprus in 327 AD. The exact date of establishment is unknown. Various historians of Cyprus make reference to St. Helen’s visit to Cyprus and to the fact that she left a part of the Holy Rope and the Holy Rood in the Monastery.

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The other halls house the Museum of Byzantine icons, the Museum of Folkloric Art, the picture gallery, and the first Museum of the 1955-1959 Struggle. 

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Chapel of Apostle Philip: The oldest of all the chapels in Omodos. A ancient laurel tree stands next to it,  estimated to be approximately 1000 years old.

Chapel of Prophet Elias: The small, pure white chapel is located on one of the village’s tallest hills and was renovated in 1975.

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Chapel of Saint Paraskevi: It is located at a small distance northeast of the village, hidden within the cool shade of the cypress and other trees.

Chapel of Saint Spyridonas: The chapel of Saint Spyridonas is located south of the village.


Museum of the Struggle - Hideout: The hideout was created in the home of Aristos and Maroulla Theodorou from Omodos, following instructions from Grigoris Afxentiou. On the morning of 21st January, however, security forces spotted the hideout as they were tipped off with information and captured the fighters.

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The first Museum of the 1955-1959 Struggle for Independence was founded in Cyprus, within the Monastery of the Holy Cross. The Monastery also houses the Museum of Byzantine Icons, the lace museum, the painting gallery is also located there, displaying 40 works by Cypriot artists.

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A folk museum is preserving the elements of folk tradition, while other private residences in the village  operate as Private Museums as well.

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Several wineries operate in Omodos, such as 'Ktima Gerolemo', 'Zenon', 'Olympus Winery', 'Linos Winery', as well as 'Oenou Yi - Ktima Vasiliadis'. Many of these have their own shops selling wine and grape products within the village.

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Traditional products

The rich folk tradition of Omodos has become well-known both in Cyprus and abroad, thanks to two main types of products: traditional embroidery and ‘arkatena’ bread and rusks.

The lace created by the embroiderers of Omodos is truly a work of art, one that is passed down from one generation to the next. Today one can find wonderful examples of this local art in the Lace Preservation Center, as well as in workshops and shops within the village. 

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The ‘arkatena’ bread of Omodos is a type of sweet bread that has been baking in family ovens since ancient times and has now been turned into a craft which feeds the entire Cypriot market. In the village, you can buy arkatena at various points in the village, such as Fotini’s Bakery or Eleni’s Workshop.

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On the beautiful slopes surrounding the village, a farm has been created to host racing horses, offering the public the opportunity to visit them in their natural habitat, but also to try their hand at horse-riding in the surrounding area.

A community donkey farm in the village has been set up to protect and preserve this native species. People can visit the donkey families in their natural environment, on the slopes surrounding Omodos.

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Afames House

Kassandras Place (99 422000)

Stou Kir Yianni (70 000100)

To Katoi Holiday Homes ((99 674444)

Omodos Village Houses (99 333961)

Omodos Cozy houses (99 284201).

Kanarinis Apartments (99 091838)

Omodos Maria's Apartments (99 525367)

Softades Cottage (25 421366)

Omodos Square Mansion ( 99 186900)

Omodos Dream Cottages (97 818110)

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Omodos Tavern (25 421493)

I Taverna tou Themistokli (25 422649)

Themelio Tavern (99 459306)

Stou Kir Yianni Tavern (7000 0100)

To Katoi Restaurant & Special Events (99 674444)

Black Geese Tavern (70 005459)

I Kamara Tavern (99 153926)

Makrinari Tavern(25 422151)

Ampelothea Tavern (25 421366)

Archontiko Damianou Restaurant (25 422911)

Arkatena Fotinis (99 284201)

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To Tempelchanion Cafe Bar & More (96 569324)

Platia Café (25 422493)

Paradosi Coffee Shop

George’s Bakery & Café (25 422142)

Gerolemo Vini Bar – Café (25 422122)

Omodos is a village full of life. Warm hospitality, cleanliness and pristine streets are some of its greatest advantages, making it a pleasure to visit regularly. 


Omodos Cross Xenion Race: At the beginning of May, a road race is organised for all ages, called the 'Omodos Cross Xenion Race'.

Togetherness Festival: In August, the village celebrates its myths, legends and tradition with a fun festival that brings out the traditional tales of the village.

Holy Cross Festival: In September, the village participates in the celebratory festival of the Monastery, with many events and a traditional fair.

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