Old Port: The commercial port that gave prominence to Limassol, and its development into a city landmark!

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The Old Port is one of the city’s most recognizable attractions today. And though it has changed significantly since it was first built, it was always a landmark for Limassol, as its role was crucial to the city’s development.

Before the arrival of the British on the island, Limassol was a small, underdeveloped town. The colonial administration, however, recognized the advantages of its coastal location and proceeded with the construction of a port, aimed at facilitating trade and transport.


The port was built during the 1950s and was originally intended for barges, due to its shallow harbor. The high mobility of passengers and goods, however, allowed the port to make a significant contribution to the local economy and society.

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Its small size meant that most ships remained in anchorage, and barges were used for the movement of cargo and passengers between the ships and the shore.

Upon construction of the new port in 1973, use of this port began to decline, and as of 1979, it was limited to the service of fishing boats and yachts.

In 2014, the renovation of the area was completed, turning the Old Port into a recreational area, with exhibition spaces, public squares, and restaurants. Thus, what was once a purely commercial space has been transformed into one of the most popular places for outings, for both residents and visitors of Limassol.

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