Ola Ellinika: A stunning club in Limassol, where everything is possible!

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When a well-known brand of the Greek nightlife announced back in 2015 its arrival in Cyprus, it was inevitable to turn everyone’s attention to Limassol. “Ola Ellinika”, after being established as a popular trend in Greece, made an impressive beginning in the city, to become a favorite entertainment option and a pole that would attract a large number of visitors from other cities on the island.

Presenting a totally different approach in nightlife, with its music options coming exclusively from the mainstream Greek discography, including both the latest hits and the musical gems of days past, the club has gained some very enthusiastic followers. The venue itself has been an extra reason for people to keep coming back after a visit. Modern decorations, an entrance with spectacular lighting, artistic elements both on the walls and the roof, a sense of luxury at the VIP balcony, cozy sofas and 2 bars with island tables around them, consist a place that hosts large groups or single visitors all day.

The atmosphere and the feeling of the venue, though, are mainly created by the kind of the entertainment provided in “Ola Ellinika”. The evenings in this venue, with 500+ people dancing with familiar and popular music beats, are always vivid and pulsating with beats and laughs. Attracting a large number of guests from other cities (mostly Nicosia), who make sure to book in advance, this venue suits perfectly Limassol’s identity, as a city where party comes to life. Regularly hosting names of the Greek music scene and organizing themed, retro evenings – still on track with its Greek style profile – it always gives some interesting options for nights out in the city.

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