Oinou Strata Lounge: A special experience with a touch of luxury, in a picturesque village of Limassol!

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In one of the most impressive, mountainous accommodations of the island, a special bar causes great impressions with its menu and atmosphere.

The Gin & Wine Bar is located on the picturesque Village of Vouni and is part of the Oinou Strata complex. It is located on the ground floor of the accommodation complex, with a carefully decorated living room with a luxurious touch, as well as an idyllic terrace on the patio of the stone building.

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In its menu one can find exceptional cocktails with Gin from all over the world, but also a fine wine cellar that can satisfy anyone’s palate. A selection of platter bites is available, ideally accompanying your drinks.

The bar is open for those staying in the luxurious suites of the accommodation, as well as guests seeking for a unique experience in the village.

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Address: Ellados 5, Vouni
Contact Number: 25 944244