Oenomageireion Beautiful Cyprus (Omodos Village)

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Among the picturesque streets of Omodos village, a welcoming winery has opened its doors, wishing to bring a beautiful combination of  nostalgic Cypriot flavors and modern touches right on your plate.

The Oenomageireion Beautiful Cyprus, offers a cozy space with traditional and modern elements, where you may also find various local wines, tempting jams, thyme honey and olive oil to take for home.

On the menu you will find home-made delicacies, such as fresh salads with seasonal greens, impressive platters with cheeses and deli, while the local 'arkateno' bread could not be missing from the table.

The cozy terrace is a beloved choice for enjoying an aromatic coffee and wine from its fine cellar, as the familiar scents of nature elevate the experience.

Address: Panagias Halkidikis 19, Omodos village
Contact number: 25 422500