Oinochori (Vouni)

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In 2005, a couple visiting the beautiful village of Vouni in Limassol’s mountainside had been so captivated by its picturesque scenery that they decided to offer to even more people the opportunity to discover its gifts on their own. Thus, the ‘Oinochori’ guesthouse was created.

It is a complex of 3 separate, stone-built traditional houses arranged around a pool, with comfortable seats for guests to relax in the open area of the complex. Featuring a 1-bedroom apartment, a studio apartment and a small apartment with a loft bedroom, ‘Oinochori’ is a convenient destination for families, groups or couples.

The love the owners have for the village, and their desire to share this with their guests, results in a warm atmosphere, thanks to the traditional Cypriot hospitality which perfectly complements the experience of discovering the beauties of Vouni village. In fact, the owners offer seasonal tours of the area, with interesting activities.

Taverns offering traditional Cypriot cuisine in Vouni make a visit to the village even more delightful.

Address: 5, Kyriacou Matsi, Vouni, Limassol
Contact number: 99 649460