Oikia Roti: An impressive guest house, in a preserved mansion in the mountains!

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While entering Vasa Koilaniou village, one finds an impressive preserved stone building, which has been converted into a spacious accommodation, with modern amenities and a swimming pool.

Oikia Roti is a guest house ideal for relaxation in an idyllic setting, with wonderful views of the village from all its rooms.

The property has spacious suites, that are tastefully decorated and luxuriously furnished. Guests may choose among suites with a balcony, a fireplace, or a kitchenette.

The building is mostly surrounded by a beautiful, paved courtyard, from where one can enjoy views of the surrounding area. The swimming pool offers another recreational outlet for those who visit it in the summer.

Address: Vasa Koilaniou 4771
Contact number: 99 971971