The impressive upgrades in Limassol, in the field of education!

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According to the Mercer survey, Limassol is ranked among the few Mediterranean cities, that are in the top 100 with the best quality of life.

As Limassol is considered a reputable city for a quality lifestyle, it attracts more and more people every year while developing in various fields.

One of them is the education field, as new and long-standing private schools provide excellent quality education such as 'Foley's School', 'The Island Private School of Limassol', 'The Heritage Private School', etc.

As an educational institution with a pioneering project, 'The Heritage Private School' is one of the reasons why many families choose Limassol, especially the outskirts of Palodia as their place of residence.

The school has building facilities that resemble a small 'campus' of primary and secondary education.

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Learn more about The Heritage Private School here.

The same applies for private institutes such as 'Xenia Tsolaki Metaxa Private Institute' which has been operating for 30+ years, 'Dreamsters Private Institute', etc.

Dreamsters is a brand new Project starting in September 2023, investing and creating its own proprietary space. It aims not only to be an ideal environment for learning the English, but also provide the essential skills a child needs to build their personality and future.

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Learn more about Dreamsters Private Institute here.

This will be done through Life Preparation Workshops, where students will have the opportunity to cover topics such as money matters, how to set goals, develop discipline, learn about their physical and mental health in depth, build good relationships, first impressions at job interviews, etc.

With a motto 'There's more to life than a certificate', one can understand that Dreamsters is about to offer a different educational experience to the students of Limassol.

English lessons will be taught with the most high-tech equipment, while students will have exclusive access to a library, filled with a range of books written just for their level.

There, you will find an impressive luxury lounge, where both children and parents will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy a drink, read a book, work, etc.

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