The centenarian Terebinth tree of Apesia Village!

12/04/2022 - Photo: Agni Tsouloupa
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Apesia is a semi-mountainous village in the district of Limassol, just a few kilometers away from the Kouris dam. There, you will find the most valuable treasure of the village, which makes the locals of the area proud.

‘Tremithos of Ai Yorkos’, as the locals usually call it, is the first thing you will notice as soon as you visit the village and has a height of 10 meters, counting on 1,500 years of life.

This deciduous tree has a very wide crown with a diameter of 6,8 meters and is usually found in house yards, village squares and chapels.

It is well-worth mentioning, that it is considered one of the oldest living specimens of Pistacia Atlantica species in the world and is protected by the Department of Forests.