Nudist beaches

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Natural Beauty
Dirt Road
Quiet Beaches

While there are aren’t any officially-declared nudist beaches in Cyprus, people who wish to enjoy the sun and the sea in the most natural way possible have nevertheless singled out a few coasts in which to do so. In fact, 2 of these are located in Limassol.

Finding these beaches does require a fair amount of effort, though they are not necessarily that remote, despite being inaccessible by car. They are made up of mostly rocky coastlines, located at the 2 ends of the Limassol district (east and west), and offer the serenity of a secluded and picturesque location.

One of these beaches is located on the eastern side of Pissouri bay, far away from the organized part of the beach. The piles of rocks create a kind of natural division in the bay, resulting in a smaller beach that is used by nudists without causing any intense reactions, as that part of the beach is hardly ever visited.


The other beach is located in the area of Governor’s beach. This coastline features many varying beaches and coves, most of which are served by a restaurant or beach bar. Nudists are more comfortable using the western side of this area that is far from these venues, and where the white rocks create small, welcoming coves.