Nudist beach at Pissouri

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At Pissouri bay, a rather long beach that stands out for its diversity, one finds an are where nudists find refuge in Limassol. 

This coast has something for everyone: fine sands, all-white pebbles, greens, as well as huge rocks, that climb up high on the cliff at the eastern end. Right there, where the rocks  of the cliff, some sharp and others flattened by the waves, meet the sea, the beach seems to be cut in 2 parts.

The coves created at the eastern part, which can be reached after passing the rocks, have become a spot for those who wish to skinny dip, without bothering or provoking anyone. Cyprus ha no official nudist or naturist beaches, thus these secluded coves are an ideal alternative. Visitors are few, but their number might be growing during weekends.

The beach is mostly covered with pebbles, while the sea bottom has some smaller rocks, sand and pebbles, too. The sea is clean and rather safe, but one needs to be careful, since the area has no lifeguard services.

*Extra tip: Those visiting this coast, should be wearing snickers, in order to climb safely over the rocks. Even if someone will not choose it for skinny dipping, the flattened, dark rocks (which is the reason for the name "mavrorotsos" (black rock) in the area) are ideal for sunbathing, solely with the company of the sound of waves.

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