A popular corner in Limassol, when it used to be a humble inn!

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Social Life
Economy (Commerce, Industry, Tourism)

Limassol has always been a financial and commercial centre since the old times and it offered accommodation options for those who needed a place to rest, when travelling from other cities and villages to Limassol.

During those times, traders and travellers used to stay in the inns, in instead of hotels. Limassol had many inns (they were called “hania”), mainly around Agiou Andreou and Eleftherias streets. “Kambanellis” inn used to be on the corner of Anexartisias and Athinon streets. This is still a very busy area, but there is nothing reminiscent of that inn.

Joseph Andreou captured the building with his camera around the years 1976 – 1980 and shared the photos of his private collection at the Facebook group “Lemesou Mnimes”. There used to be a flower shop and an old coffee shop next to “Kambanellis” inn back then.

Many things have changed since, but there is something that remains the same: people still visit this corner to have coffee, as a modern coffee shop is now operating there.

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