New Helvetia Hotel (Platres)

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The oldest hotel in operation to this day in Cyprus, New Helvetia, is located in the mountains of Limassol district, offering a unique accommodation ioption, in the pine forest of Platres.

It is a true relic of a glorious era of Platres, with cozy bedrooms decorated in a retro style that have a balcony overlooking the beautiful pine forest. You'll find well-preserved antiques laying all around the hotel, many of which are still in use.

The bar is one of the most special features of the hotel, as it was built in such a way, as to surround the trunk of the pine that was found on the spot.

The nature trails and paved streets are alternatives for exercise and contact with nature, for those who choose it for accommodation.

Address: Helvetias 6, Platres
Contact number: 25 421348