New Helvetia Hotel (Platres)

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The oldest hotel still operating in Cyprus is located in Limassol district. Its journey begins back in 1906, when Nikolaos Kipriotis created a rather small hotel, in order to provide hospitality to the numerous, high class guests of the famous resort of Platres. Continuing a tradition of 100+ years, which made Platres the first tourist resort in Cyprus, the hotal is still today a favorite destination for many.

The 3 floors of the building, with the distinct architecture design of the area, the red bricks, the wooden floors and stairs, the classic furniture that came straight form Vienna, back in the days, are heirloom from the glorious era of Platres resort. Frequent renovations have preserved it in a decent condition, without altering significantly its initial image. The 32 rooms of New Helvetia hotel, as it was renamed, can host 2 – 4 people, while 8 of them, the latest additions, are in fact rooms that resemble to detached houses, with 2 levels hosting a lounge and the beds, communicating through a wooden stair.

All of the rooms are decorated in a unique, retro style, with a view to the amazing pine forest. Antiques are found everywhere around the hotel, well preserved and even still functional, creating some kind of a living museum. This warm environment with the unique views outside the balconies, is complemented by the familiar feel and hospitality of a family-run business. The hotel also provides gym facilities, while nature trails, walking paths and the skiing center are great alternatives for exercise in touch with nature.

The bar of the hotel, right by the restaurant, with cozy armchairs and sofas by the fireplace, is one of the most unique features of the hotel, since, during its renovation and expansion in 1984, they had to construct the roof in a way that would include the trunk of a pine tree, instead of cutting it down.

Address: 6 Helvetias, 4820, Platres, Cyprus
Contact number: 25 421 348
Email: [email protected]
Website: New Helvetia Hotel
Facebook: New Helvetia Hotel
Instagram: New Helvetia
TripAdvisor: New Helvetia

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