Neraida: A unique tavern in Limassol serving delicious dishes right by the river!

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In the mountainous region of Limassol, above the evergreen Diarizos River stream, one will come acrosss a picturesque little tavern called Neraida. It is a traditional spot in the village of Fini, where one can enjoy local delicacies, as well as the view of the small waterfall that forms there.

Featuring family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, the menu at Neraida is beloved by many. The 'finiotiko,' the pork 'tavas', as well as the fresh trout from the local fish farm, with its 'secret' lemon and olive oil dressing, are among the tavern's top dishes. 

The main focal point of the space is the makeshift fireplace, which rests atop a large clay urn, constructed by one of the famous, local workshops of Fini, so that it can heat and light up the entire dining area. 

The famous 'Finiotiko lokoumi' sweet is certainly a dessert worth sampling with a cup of coffee. 

Contact numbers: 25 421 680, 99 442 110