Mushrooms: A countryside tradition that has nurtured entire generations!

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Mushrooms, a popular ingredient in international gastronomy, are far more than a beloved local meze. The tradition of eating mushrooms in Cyprus is a true ritual.  

The preference for wild mushrooms found in the Cypriot countryside is not just a culinary choice, but also an activity that has been bringing people in direct contact with nature for centuries.

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Locating and collecting them is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation and is accompanied by a deep love for the natural environment and an appreciation for all the benefits it provides.

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The wooded areas in the outskirts of Troodos, as well as the flatter plains with more shrubby vegetation, provide the ideal conditions for the growth of different mushroom varieties, such as white, vanuca, or red pine, and even the very rare morels, with their rich aroma and flavor.

Mushroom pickers enjoy every moment of this ritual, from the relaxing exploration of nature to the discovery of the mushrooms, and finally, their cooking and consumption.

Thus, their role in local cuisine proved to be particularly creative, as wild mushrooms are often eaten as a grilled meze dishes, in an omelet, or as a stew (they make an ideal meat substitute), and even as an accompaniment to traditional pasta and halloumi dishes.

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Nikos, having grown up in Pelendri with a family that often ate wild mushrooms and greens, knows the secrets of every type well, and has integrated them into the menu of the Symposio tavern.