Museums of The Holy Cross Monastery (Omodos)

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The Holy Cross Monastery is one of the oldest and most historic monasteries of the Island, playing a significant role in Cyprus’ cultural heritage.

To this day, the halls host several museums with remarkable exhibits:

  1. The Museum of Byzantine Art was founded in 1960, for the protection of priceless Byzantine Artwork.
  2. The Museum of Folkloric Art preserves the decoration and the traditional character of the older era.
  3. The Art Gallery a permanent collection of artwork created by 40 Cypriot painters, inspired by the human and natural environment of Omodos.
  4. The Museum of 1955-1959 Struggle contains a collection of clothing, personal items, uniforms, documents as well dozens of soldiers' photographs.
  5. The Museum of Lace aims to preserve folk art and lace construction.
  6. The Museum of Photography where photographs dating from the 19th century can be found.

Address: Holly Cross Monastery, 4760, Omodos