Museum of the EOKA Struggle of ’55 – ’59 (Kyperounda Village)

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The EOKA Struggle of ’55 – ’50 Museum is located today in a village which keeps traditions and history alive within its picturesque, cobbled streets.

The house is located in the traditional center of Kyperounda, the largest mountain village of Cyprus, which played a central role in the course of the liberation struggle of Cyprus.

Traditionally, Kyperounda was a village with a fighting spirit. The involvement of local fighters in the first and second World Wars was also significant.

The participation of many residents in the national liberation struggle of ’55 – ’59 was paramount to its outcome, and many lost their lives fighting.

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The homes in the area were built in such a way as to allow communication between them, and the roofs were all connected in order to create an escape route above the houses. 

Address: Christodoulos Kannaouros Street 23, Kyperounda
Contact number: 25 813204