Mosaic Circles of Avdimou

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The rocks overlooking the bay of Avdimou, west of Limassol, are one of the area’s most beautiful viewpoints. Among this natural beauty, on the west end of Melanda beach, an amateur artist has created a stunning installation, inspired by the labyrinth.

A permanent resident of Paphos, the Russian creator of this project has granted the land owner’s permission to design 3 huge mosaic circles, which form spiral labyrinths. He used 15+ tons of stones, which he either collected from the area or bought.

He has dedicated many to this project since 2015, to prepare the area and design the circles, and there is still 1 circle left to be implemented. His love for this kind of art (which is found from ancient civilizations to modern monuments) and the satisfaction generated by the final result, is what keeps him going.

The one thing for sure is that his initiative has added another admirable element to this gorgeous location.