Monastery of Panayia Amasgous (Monagri)

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The monastery of Panagia Amasgous is located near the village of Monagri in Limassol. It is built atop a small hill, near the banks of Kouris River. 

The monastery was founded at the end of the 11th century, but had been destroyed and rebuilt repeatedly. For centuries, it had been left deserted and its land was rented out by farmers in the area. Out of the original buildings, only the temple remains, which was renovated in 1960. During the 1990s, new facilities were erected.

The origin of the unusual name 'Amasgou' is said to be related to the Virgin of Damascus ('Amaskou'). Though there is a long history between the church of the Antioch, the ancient capital of Syria and the church of Cyprus during the Byzantine period, there is no clear evidence that associates the name of the monastery with this particular history. 

At a small distance from the monastery one may find the remains of Saint John of Monagritos and the Saints Sergios and Bacchus.