Monastery of Panagia Sfalaggiotissa

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The monastery of Panagia Sfalaggiotissa is located north of Limassol, in the hills of Agios Athanasios.

Its precise founding date has not been discovered, though it is known that in the 18th century, it functioned as a male convent. Written testimonies date its existence to the 16th century. A manuscript kept in the monastery states that it was founded by a monk who had been bitten by a ‘sfalaggi’ (type of insect), and recovered thanks to the icon of the Virgin Mary, a tale which also explains the name of the monastery itself.

For decades, the building had been deserted and was rebuilt into a nunnery in 1976, housing nuns from Agios Georgios Alamanos. Its reopening also led to the reconstruction of new facilities.

To the east of the monastery, there is a cave with a spring of holy water.

Contact number: 25 727172