Monastery of Panagia Amirou (Apsiou)

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The Monastery of Amirou is located at the foot of Kakomallis Mountain, approximately half an hour from Limassol. It can be reached by following the signs towards Apsiou village.

The Monastery’s year of establishment is unknown, but some inscriptions and heirlooms testify that it was already in operation by the 16th century. The single temple, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was renovated in 1776. The Monastery was deserted by the beginning of the 19th century and as the years passed, all of its buildings, except for the temple, were destroyed.

The Monastery was resurrected in 1997, thanks to the legacy of Sister Maria Superior. New cells, a hostel, and auxiliary spaces were created around the ancient temple. Thoday, this new building also houses a church dedicated to Saint Catherine, which was inaugurated in 2013.